First Annual META 2.0 Invitational

Saturday April 29
9:00am – Check in
10:00am – Demo Team competition begins. All demo teams must be checked in by 9:45

Collegium Charter School
500 James Hance Ct
Exton, PA 19341

$30 for one division. $10 each additional division

To register just click the “Sign Up” option on our site menu.
Scroll down to- Events: First Annual META 2.0 Invitational.
All registrations must be in by Wednesday, April 19.

Ages 4-18
Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced ranks
Medals awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place
Overall Team Champions Trophy
Demo Team
Self Defense

Tournament rules
Forms, Demo Team and Self defense

All divisions will be judged by 3 or five judges.
Scoring will be based on a .1 point decimal scoring system with a range of 7-9 points.

High and Low score to be dropped to determine the winner. In the event of a tie, the high and low will be added back in to determine the winner. If there is a still a tie, a run off form competition will happen. The winner will be determined by a “judges call” where the judges point to the competitor they felt did a better job.

Self Defense competitors should have three techniques prepared to demonstrate on a partner. All competitors must enter the tournament with an uke. Ukes will not be provided.

When called up to compete, Forms and Self Defense competitors must recite
“Hello Judges my name is name.
I come from studio name.
Today I will be performing form/ technique name.
With your permission may I please begin? Thank you judges,”

In the event that a student forgets their form, they will be given a second opportunity to complete their form. If the competitor can not complete their form on a second attempt, they will be given a default score of 7-7-7.

Light Contact Sparring

Required equipment- Headgear, Gloves, boots/shin and instep guards. Cloth shin/instep guards not allowed as suitable foot cover.
Recommended equipment : cup, mouthpiece, chest protector.
Full contact/ MMA gloves not permitted. 12oz gloves and heavier not permitted.

Sparring matches will be two minutes, first to three point rules.
Time keepers must keep clock running unless specifically instructed by head judge. Clock should not be stopped when points are being called.

Legal targets are front and side of the body.
Front and side of the head that is covered by the headgear.

No contact to the face, top or back of the head.
No strikes below the belt.

Punches to he head are legal at all ages and ranks.
Kicking to the head is legal in brown and black belt divisions.


Warnings will be given for excessive contact. Two warnings will result in immediate disqualification.